Webcomic Wednesday: Azure Capricorn

Review by Ben Z

Created by Triona Tree Farrell

Website: http://azure-capricorn.thecomicseries.com/

Azure Capricorn is a webcomic created by Triona Tree Farrell who also draws Superhero Help Desk. Unlike Superhero Help Desk she is also writing Azure Capricorn and what feels like a story closer to her heart in this webcomic. Unlike Superhero Help Desk, which has a more episodic quality Azure Capricorn (up to this point) is one big story albeit in its early stages.
The story is set on the planet Oceanius IV, a planet almost totally covered in water and a popular holiday destination for the rest of the galaxy. The main protagonist is Tajo a human from Earth who has just arrived on this planet and is unfamiliar with it. This is obviously the perfect scenario as we along with Tajo get to see the World that Farrell has created.
At this point in the story Farrell has just finished introducing the world to us while giving us tantalizing glimpses of the stories to follow. It is a story for all ages with the art bright and breezy and her lettering is top notch. While still in its infancy Farrell’s handling of her tale so far has being assured and they definitely know how to pace a story.
To sum up I think Farrell is creating something special here. There aren’t that many all ages webcomics out there and very few are as high quality as this. Azure Capricorn is still in its early stages so get in now and you won’t regret it. I certainly haven’t.

Faithfully submitted.
Ben Z.