Advanced Review: Swords & Sisters

Review by David Ferguson

Created by Triona Tree Farrell

Remember when I posted that a new Irish comic had cheered me up? This is the one. I was already a fan of Triona Tree Farrell from Superhero Helpdesk and Azure Capricorn with the latter showing me her writing skills for the first time (Ben Z recently reviewed both series for Webcomic Wednesday and liked them both). Swords & Sisters shows us a bit more of her skills as it gives us more story (Azure Capricorn is just beginning). The swords and sorcery genre appeals to me being a fan of Final Fantasy but, it appears to me, that proper fans will get this on a few more levels than me. That’s not a problem as the genre is just a way to tell, what I feel is the heart of the story, the story of two sisters and their relationship. I won’t go too much into the facts as this is an advanced review but I will say that I liked the characters and the story was fun and funny. It also does the job of a first issue: we get some background, without giving everything away, and it sets our heroes on their path (a path I am looking forward to following). It made me laugh. It’s fun. Check it out.