Webcomic Wednesday: Sid The Punk

Review by Ben Z

Created by Julie Nick

Website: http://www.julienickart.com/category/sid-the-punk/

Julie Nick started Sid the Punk after last years D.I.C.E show where she decided to dive in and try out this comic making malarkey that all the cool kids were on about. Sid the Punk is her first effort and so far a very enjoyable one. Nick, as she herself, admits is new to this with Sid the Punk being her learning effort and she’s generously letting the rest of the world in on her journey as she try’s to figure out her own style and story making abilities. I have to admit a big part of me enjoys reading these types of comics where a creator is still in their infancy and still figuring out who or what type of creator they are. That’s nothing against the more polished pros or old hands but seeing a new talent emerging is a special thrill that never diminishes. Which brings me back to the actual comic. Sid the Punk is a black and white minimalist strip about a punk surprisingly called Sid. Episodic in nature and mostly silent. Nick, who seems more confident at the moment conveying her stories through this motion rather than exposition, is creating a nice little comic strip.


Overall Sid the Punk is definitely worth your time and is an enjoyable read. Give it a whirl.

Faithfully submitted.
Ben Z.