Webcomic Wednesday: Pharoah

Review by Ben Z

Created by Kaiser Caimo

Kaiser Caimo released a new comic today called Pharaoh about the meaning of creativity and creative blockage. As with their former work Memento Mori this is a slightly abstract, beautifully designed piece, which was handmade before being digitized something I feel that gives it another odd feel to it. I can see the creases and workmanship but cannot feel the tacit sensation of the homemade pages. The story itself is told in abstract images but with a clear narration. Caimo flits easily between metaphor and image to bathe you in the idea of their work. I’ve used the bathing analogy work before, were you feel submerged in an idea or world and Caimo has done this again superbly with Pharaoh.
The idea itself of creator’s blockage is not new and has being dealt with in art since time immemorial. Caimo isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel but they do come at it from an unusual perspective of the self being used up leaving them barren and therefore bereft of new ideas.
The expression ‘I put my heart and soul into it’ is used as a literal metaphor and as a subversive idea through out the comic.
Overall Pharaoh is well worth your time to read and enjoy.

Faithfully submitted.
Ben Z.