Review: Incandescent Memories

This review is quite a bit overdue. Lots of things contributed including my ongoing insistence that I don’t do good reviews. Luckily I have a couple of new reviewers (thanks Heather Taylor and Ben Z) and I think I’m getting a little bit better at them myself. Anyway, on to the proper review.

Review by David Ferguson

Created by Brian Burke and John Devlin

The first thing I’d like to say is that I like a good title and Incandescent Memories sounds like it belongs in the Sandman’s library of unwritten books as it just has an element of class and mystery. It also helps that the book has a very good cover that lured me in (there’s something world of Hellboy about that cover). The book is made up of four stories with the creative team being Brian Burke (writer) / John Devlin (artist) on two and Brian Burke (artist) / John Devlin (writer) on the other two. I have to say I prefer the former as John Devlin simply blew me away on art and the stories were good. I must compliment the team on putting “The Bandit King” story first as it is best of the bunch (and instantly made me a fan of Devlin’s art). It is becoming more common for Irish books to be in colour but it still comes as a relatively nice surprise when you open a book and see colour and Devlin does an excellent job. “The Bandit King” just knocked me out as I had my “It’s their first book (or it is the first thing I’ve seen by them)” glasses on (I always make allowances on peoples’ first outings). It was a fun little story too and I’d like to see more of it if the creative team was so inclined. I also enjoyed “For Sale” but I won’t say anything about the story as it would kind of ruin it for people. I like Brian Burke’s story ideas. The other too stories were good too but these two were more my cup of tea and are really worth checking out.

A page from "The Bandit King"

A page from “The Bandit King”

Can we have more “Bandit King” stuff guys?