Five Cartoon Saloon Adaptations I’d Like To See

This piece came about because of the Oscar nomination for Cartoon Saloon’s Song of the Sea. I started thinking about what Irish comics would make good feature films or TV shows. I instantly saw a Jennifer Wilde TV show with the production quality of the Poirot show that starred David Suchet. I was thinking of how to turn that train of thought into a piece for ICN. With my “5 comics” pieces, I always tried to set myself limits to make it more interesting for me (and hopefully for you). So with that in mind, I limited myself to books that could be adapted into a Cartoon Saloon movie. This meant not drifting too far away from their art style or their kind of stories. I do end up stretching this a bit though.

Created by Leeann Hamilton

An excellent take on the Finn and the salmon myth. This was the first book that instantly sprang to mind. Being based on Irish mythology makes it right up Cartoon Saloon’s alley. I also think the twist on the existing myth and the attitude of the book would make it a great animated movie that kids would enjoy.

Created by Jason Browne

The story of a young superhero finding his way in the world. Also influenced by myth, I think the main character, Jack McCormack, would easily fit in a Cartoon Saloon movie. Plus, with superheroes being big at the moment, it would a way for the studio to get into that genre.

Created by Anthea West

The story of two wandering warriors in search of the earthbound god Mij. A little different as Anthea West has created her own myth but looking at it and Cartoon Saloon’s Secret of Kells makes me think the marriage could work. (It would really work as a Studio Ghibli movie).

Created by Ken Mahon

This is the story of a man who fell out of the sky and the two Storm Chasers who promise to take him home. I’m getting to the stretch answers here but I think it would work especially if the studio wants to move into science fiction. Hey, even Hayao Miyazaki did sci-fi. Also, I really like the book and these are my choices so there.

Created by Maeve Clancy

Deep in the midst of a financial crisis that was hitting Ireland and Greece in similar ways, an Irishwoman takes a trip to the Hellenic Isles. This comic recounts her travels in a land which despite obvious differences in climate, is not unlike her own. This one is probably the furthest stretch but I’d like to see a short film adaptation of this book. (Another one that would totally fit as a Studio Ghibli movie in my opinion).