Review: The Great Work Issue One


Review by David Ferguson

Created by Tommie Kelly

You know, thinking about this review in my head in advance, I found that I was bringing myself a lot into it in my head. That is the thing about Tommie Kelly comics though. Yeah they’re about spirituality and touch on philosophy and existence but if that was it I don’t think I’d feel as involved. You see they’re also about real people and that is what works for me. The lead character, Daniel, is having mysterious dreams and that holds an certain kind of intrigue but he is also feeling pretty crappy about his life and boy have I been there. I have the t-shirt. His sister tries to help him but it ends in an argument. She’s has success but feels like she has to defend herself even though she has worked hard for it. Been there too. We meet one character, Adam, and get a certain vibe off him and then one of the characters made a comment later on that suggested I was right. Wow. Well played Tommie Kelly. Subtly planting that in my head. I’m being vague but I don’t want to spoil. What I’m basically saying is that Tommie Kelly has created a bunch of believable characters with real issues. What is going on in Daniel’s head? What are the mysterious dreams? Oh and I thought the dreams were the mystery and the intrigue and then came ending came. What is going on?

I’m totally overlooking the art, right? That’s another thing about Tommie Kelly. He is a writer and an artist. The subtle hints about Adam? That was in the art. The mysterious dreams? Made eerier by colour choices. Also, the last scene was drawn to perfection. Normal conversational stuff. Normal scene. Bam. What the… I still haven’t figured out the significance of the title…. That’s what future issues are for though. The groundwork is well laid for an interesting story.

You can pick up issue one of The Great Work here.