Webcomic Wednesday: Between Worlds

Review by Ben Z

Created by Anna Fitzpatrick

Between Worlds is written and drawn by the super-talented Anna Fitzpatrick. And if super-talented isn’t enough of a gimme to realise that this is rave review then you sir (or madam) are slow on the up-take.

Between Worlds is a comic about a knight called Lynx from the nation of Minoka who serves a King who is losing his mind. It is a mystery comic so describing the plot without spoiling the story for people is a tough thing to do. All I can say is that it flits between events in time where Lynx is one of the top Knights of her nation and another time when she is humbled and not in the best of health.
The art as you can see is Lush. Fitzpatrick manages to create a mood half noir and half fantasy that envelopes you. Among the themes she seems to be dealing with is authority and madness, which keeps bringing V for Vendetta into my mind for some reason as I read the work. Maybe it’s the trappings of power draped among the beautiful cityscapes she creates or the fully realised world that Lynx moves in. Maybe it is that Lynx for all her tragedy and suffering is not a likeable character to start with but an insufferable noble although one who came up the hard way and was toughened through harsh experiences.
The opulence of the art also helps contrast the scenes were Lynx was fallen. It also gives Fitzpatrick a chance to show off some more of her range with the bright lights and shimmer of Minoka with it’s deep reds and browns looking strikingly different from the other parts of Lynx’s world.
Overall Different Worlds is highly recommended and one that should be watched carefully as Fitzpatrick is definitely one for the future.


Faithfully Submitted.

Ben Z.