Advanced Review: Abominable Glory

Review by David Ferguson

Written by Martin Hayes
Art by Chris Askham
Letters/Design by Bram Meehan
Cover by Matt Soffe

The last time I read the work of Martin Hayes was “Aleister Crowley: Wandering the Waste”, a biography of magician Aleister Crowley. One of the strengths of that book was the obvious amount of research that he put into creating the book (as well as the excellent use of notes and reference material). Looking at Abominable Glory at first glance, you’d think that wouldn’t be the case here (at least not to same the degree). However, reading the supplementary material, Martin is a big fan of “cryptozoological phenomena” and has basically been researching for this book for a lot of his life. You can see this instantly see this by looking at the cover. It is a twist on the iconic photograph taken by British mountaineer, Eric Earl Shipton, on exhibition to Everest in 1951. Allegedly of a Yeti footprint. The cover is impressively rendered by Matt Soffe.

Looking at the story itself, Martin Hayes does what I like in a horror story. It isn’t about the Yeti for most part. It is about a group of people who find themselves in a situation where they run into the beast. In this case, a group of American soldiers trying to sneak a spy to Britain. They’re forced to land, a rescue is attempted and, without spoiling, it all goes to heck. There’s more to it than that of course. The team have created a group of believable characters including some who aren’t very likeable (I feel you need those in a horror story so you can enjoy it when or if they meet their demise). Trying desperately not to spoil, I really liked the ending too… How to describe without spoiling. I can’t so you have to read the book which I recommend if you like war stories or a bit of horror (there’s always an element of horror with war). I was surprised that I liked the book as it is not my usual cup of tea but Martin Hayes and the rest of the creative team made it interesting for me. Kind of like a feature length X-Files episode.

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