Advanced Review: Professor Elemental Comics

Review by David Ferguson

Art by Cormac Hughes
Written by Ciaran Marcantonio
Colours by Darren Brown
Cover Art by Robert Carey and Dee Cunniffe.
Lettering by Miriam Abuin.

This book was commissioned to tie into an upcoming cabaret show (Bella’s Steampunk Cabaret Show with Steampunk Star Professor Elemental) so it is all about introducing the stars and setting things up for the show. I must admit I wasn’t expecting to enjoy an eleven page comic that was about a type of show that isn’t really up my street but Ciaran Marcantonio makes the characters entertaining (I’d actually like to see more adventures with them). I also like the way the way the characters are brought together (for spoiler reasons – Ciaran and I share some of the same interests). By necessity there is quite a bit of exposition but I think he manages to be economic with his word count and it works with the art as opposed to against (i.e. by covering too much of it up and working with the action). I must note the ever accomplished lettering of Miriam Abuin which aids in the flow of the dialogue. Cormac Hughes’ art keeps improving with each new project. There are great character designs on show here. It can be a hinderance to creativity to be working with likenesses but he manages to portray the people while keeping his own style. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a great colourist on the book. I don’t think I’ve seen Darren Brown’s work before but it looks great. Robert Carey and Dee Cunniffe do an excellent job on the cover.

The book is limited to 100 copies which will be available at the show for the low low price of €4.00. I recommend trying to pick up a copy.