Review: Monster Motors: The Curse of Minivan Helsing #1


Review by David Ferguson

Art by Nick Roche
Written by Brian Lynch
Coloured by Lenard O’Grady

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again here: I’m not a huge horror guy. Saying that, I enjoyed the previous Monster Motors issue a whole lot as it had an element of fun that seems to be missing from a lot of comics. Plus I liked the character of iGOR and found the main character Vic to be a fairly interesting chap. I’m also a fan of Nick Roche’s art. It is really conducive to telling this kind of story. It is whacky, fun plus the man can really draw robots and monster vehicles of course. It doesn’t hurt to have a great colourist like Len O’Grady onboard. That’s why I picked up this issue. I wasn’t disappointed. The creative team provide more background on the Monster Motors and April who showed up at the conclusion of the last issue. The vehicles have connections to various famous movie monsters (I am a fan of the original Dracula novel so I liked the Van Helsing connection a whole lot). I’m sure that horror buffs will enjoy the connections too but I don’t think being a horror fan is a requirement. The issue boasts plenty of action while it expands on the backgrounds so it isn’t all talking heads. Vic Frankenstein continues to be a witty, mad (and not entirely competent) scientist, not-so-ably assisted by iGOR, but for once the problems aren’t all his fault. The issue brings up a few mysteries and a pretty fun cliffhanger that gives you even more reasons to pick up the next issue.

The book has a lot pluses fom my old school fan point of view: a great cover to lure you in, action to go along with the exposition to keep you entertained and a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting more. Plus fun. You can tell the creative team are having a good time. The book oozes fun.