Ferguson’s 7 Questions With… Billy Browne

Always like to keep colourists in the mix on 7 questions so I’m happy to have another one on 7 questions. Answering this time is Billy Browne.

What was the first comic work you did that was published?

The first work on a comic I did was as a letterer, on ‘The Man With No Libido’ for Quite Hell comics

What is the biggest thing you have learned since that book?

I learned that I don’t like lettering, but more importantly how crucial it is to have your page layout worked out in advance of everything.

What’s your process for colouring a comic book?

Talk to the artist and writer first see if they have any particular vision for how they want the colours to look, then work up a palate, once I have a palate worked up then I flat, and add tone depth and texture.

What is the biggest influence on your work?

I take influence from everywhere, behance is a great website for inspiration when your stuck for ideas, my girlfriend and I have our own screenprint studio which is a big influence on how I work minimal use of colour to achieve the result you want, I prefer a more graphic style with a small colour palette. I really enjoy the style of the Hawkeye comics and Matt Hollingsworth’s colouring.

What are you working on right now?

I’m currently inking a new story for Quite Hell Comics and doing the flats on a project for Chris O’Halloran, I’m also working on an idea for my own web comic which I’ll hopefully get up and running in a few months.

What do you out now or coming out next?

The Man With No Libido – Quite Hell Comics and I’m Awake, I’m Alive – Turncoat Press are out now.

What is your favourite Irish comic?

The Half Past Danger comics are great


I’m Awake, I’m Alive http://www.turncoatpress.com/im-awake-im-alive