Ferguson’s 7 Questions With… Fiona Boniwell


It’s a 7 questions week this week on ICN. Today’s first edition is with the artist behind Death’s New Lease On Life and a guest at the upcoming Cork Comic Expo… Fiona Boniwell.

What was the first comic work you did that was published?

Death’s new Lease on Life in collaboration with writer, Brendan O’Connell

What is the biggest thing you have learned since that book?

That producing comics and graphic novels is bloody hard work with a lot of laws and guidelines worth paying attention to and it’s a field very high standards. I came at it from a fine art background and I think I underestimated the skill level required. Not anymore though!!

What’s your process for drawing a comic book?

Read Script. Visual research. Read Script. Sketching. Read script. Font research. Read Script. Thumbnails. Read Script. Line Art. Read Script. Hatching and detail. Read script…Check art works with script.

For Death’s New Lease on Life, I started in analogue (pencil on paper) as I feel most free-style to experiment in pencil, then transferred to digital using manga studio for the finished artwork, once I knew what I wanted to do.

What is the biggest influence on your work?

Movies are a huge influence! Visually, old black and white films such as Nosferatu (1922 version). Action movies, horror and old school martial arts are also sources of inspiration. Artists would include Bernie Wrightson (Frankenstein mmmmmm), David Mack and Bisley… especially when he’s sketchy. Giger too…Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches and cartoons. I also LOVE the line work and mark-making characteristic of 17th – early 20th century engravings. Oh yeah and from TV…Battle of the Planets and Monkey Magic!

What are you working on right now?

Personal illustration projects and another collaborative graphic novel project with Brendan O’Connell.

What do you out now or coming out next?

Death’s New Lease on Life – out now

What is your favourite Irish comic?

Toss up between The Hound by Paul Bolger and Barry Devlin, and Will Siney’s Celtic Warrior. Right now The Hound Protector is winning, simply because it’s in my favourite colour scheme…Both books are great


Death’s New Lease On Life website: http://deathsnewlease.com
Fiona Boniwell on Behance: https://www.behance.net/fionaboniwell