Interview: Patrick Mulholland on the Broken Saviors Kickstarter

Broken Saviors Cover

How did this project come about?

I started work on the project after contacting the writer Todd Mitchell. He had advertised that he was in need of an artist and after doing some sample pages for him he decided I would be a good fit for the story. Todd had a script ready to go and an outline for the whole story arc. The only thing left was to establish the look and feel of the story, Todd had general character descriptions and designs in mind for the aliens. That was helpful to me to have something to build on.

Can you tell us a little bit about the story?

For Todd the story started with the question of what would happen if aliens invaded claiming they needed to save us. The story also began as a way to explore environmental and political issues in a dramatic, unusual way, as aliens invade not just to save humans, but to save other life on earth. But of course, “saving us” comes at a price, and different characters react to this invasion in vastly different ways.
What were some of your influences when it came to creating the book?

For me my main influence on the art was the colourful sci fi style of Fiona Staples on Saga. Since our story is set on a contemporary earth in the first issue, we haven’t been able to go big on the sci-fi elements quite yet. But we’re definitely going to expand out the world and you’ll see both sides of the story. Visually I try to have the viewer in amongst the characters or scene, this proved to be challenging during the American Football sections of the story but I think we pulled it off. Saga, Y The Last Man and The Walking Dead were big influences on the story.

What made you go the Kickstarter route?

We felt that Kickstarter would be the best way to reach the comic book community and find an audience. Kickstarter hopefully invests people in the project also, so they can take ownership of it, see it develop and be a part of the process of making comics. Also, producing a comic takes a lot more work than I think most people realize, and we need people’s help to bring the rest of this story to life.
What rewards are you offering?

We’re offering the first issue for free for anyone who checks out the kickstarter. If folks would like to support the project we’re offering art prints, your name in the book, you drawn as a character and of course the second issue.

I hope people will give the first issue a read and then they can consider backing us and telling a friend. We’re trying to spread the word and see if we can make the project take off. All info on rewards and the download for the first issue can be found here:

Anything else to say about the book?

This was definitely a learning experience for me as an artist. In the beginning it can seem like you’re climbing a tall mountain but now that we’ve finished the first issue its great to be able to show it to people and get feedback. Thanks very much for letting us put a spotlight on it and we hope people will enjoy it and share it amongst their friends.

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