Cork Comic Expo: Books To Bring or Buy


Another Cork Comic Expo informational piece for you with some books that you might want to bring along to get signed or pick up at the con.

Irish Books (Launching and more)

The con will see the debut of Thimble from Buttonpress, Cling from Brian Burke and Kerrie Smith and the first season of Superhero Helpdesk in a physical collection (the entire creative team will be on hand). Cork Sci-Fi Comic will be launching the day before at Cork Library so that will be available. The Uproar Comics team will be sure to have copies of the recently published issue 12 of Zombie-Hi. Paul Bolger will have a limited number of copies of his Kickstarter funded Hound (along with prints and t-shirts). Also launched this year was Queen of Storms so pick up a copy from Dave Hendrick if you can. Fiona Boniwell and Brendan O’Connell will be selling copies of Death’s New Lease on Life as well as prints. Those crazy Lightning Strike guys will be giving away some books and there will be a large number of artists there so you’ll be able to pick up prints and sketches (see our last piece to check where to follow them on the net).

Published Outside Ireland

The collection of Maura McHugh’s co-authored Witchfinder collection is out this week so you can get that signed. Michael Carroll has a story in the recent Judge Dredd Megazine (issue 358). Another signing possibility. He also has material in the Judge Dredd Mega Collection issue 7 that is out now. This issue also features the art of PJ Holden who will also be at the con. Nick Roche can be coerced into signing issues of The Curse of Minivan Helsing (issue 2 dropped just this week). Declan Shalvey has been on a cover spree recently so there are a number of comics you can get him to sign. Will Sliney’s run on Spider-man 2099 continues with about a dozen issues that you could bring along (or volume one of the collection of his run). You could also bring some Grayson for Stephen Mooney to sign.

Here’s a selection of cover art: