Review: Cling


Review by David Ferguson
Art and colours by Brian Burke
Words and lettering by Kerrie Smith.

I know Kerrie Smith’s writing from her work on Superhero Helpdesk and Brian Burke’s art (and writing), only relatively recently, from Incandescent Memories. Given the distance in creative tone between those two books, I was really interested in seeing what a book involving both creators would entail. Consider me impressed. It is not so much the plot, which says a lot about today’s world, but the emotional reaction that the story provoked. When I was done, l was left unnerved. The story does small things in art to rack up the tension as it goes along. Uses of “camera shots” towards the end and colour choices added to the strangeness I felt as I moved through the book. Maybe I’m bringing something different to book than other people but it really put me in the shoes of the main character. It gave me a claustrophobic, stressful feeling I have sometimes and maybe that’s what the creative were trying to evoke (I’ll have to ask them). I’m not saying much about the plot, anything in fact, as I don’t really want to spoil but I think I’ve given a fair idea of the kind of story it is.

Thinking about it now, it reminds somewhat of Hitchcock and the kind of thing he might come up with it if he was working today. Certainly the subject matter would be in his neck of the woods. Suspense. Thriller. All those good things. The cover was pretty mysterious to me but now that I’m done it is pretty creepy. You can pick up a copy at Cork Comic Expo. I recommend that you do. I found it a little different.