Interview: Triona Farrell’s Busy 2015


2015 has been a busy year for Triona Farrell. She’s published two of her own books and seen her art published in the first Superhero Helpdesk collection and there’s more on the way. I thought I’d ask about her year so far and what else we should expect in 2015.

Your year started with the release of Swords and Sisters. That your first printed work, right?

It was my first proper printed comic yes. It was definitely a massive learning curve in terms of planning, lettering and printing too, but you have to start somewhere.

It’s sword and sorcery, are you a big D&D fan?

I am a huge D&D fan, I started in college in my gaming society, and my obsession has only increased since then. Honestly it’s inspired me to really write, and it’s been great fun even out of college to have a couple of friends get together every week and play something out. I’d really recommend it if you’re interested in writing, it really pushes you to think on the fly and expands your creative horizon when you’re ‘creating’ with friends.

Swords & Sisters art

Swords & Sisters art

What I liked was the relationship between the sisters. That to me was the core of the story, would you agree?

That is definitely the core of the story, and will be continuing on with future issues.

Will be seeing more of these characters?

In Swords & Sisters yes, I hope to have the second issue out before Christmas, or just after.

You’ve also been working away on your own webcomic Azure Capricorn. It’s full colour (like your work on Superhero Helpdesk). What inspired you to do a science fiction style book?

I’m actually not too interested in sci-fi personally, I prefer more historical or modern settings. However I became interested in the idea of ‘low technology’ futuristic settings, where the technology, though advanced, is not the focus of the setting. The setting in Azure Capricorn is hinted to be just like this, a backward village on a planet that is on the outskirts of a wider galactic community. It was honestly going to be a more modern setting firstly, but I liked the idea of having characters that have advanced technology on hand, but don’t necessarily need to use it on a daily basis.

Page From Azure Capricorn

Page From Azure Capricorn

Again, the book is about relationships. That seems to be a recurring theme in your own books.

Yes, I’m every interested in relationships, especially non-romantic relationships where there is a ‘contrast’. It has always fascinated me how people from differing cultures, or with different ideals, can get along even with conflict. I think a lot of story can come from that; exploring how personalities clash, but ultimately, you can care for each other.

I’m really impressed with your colouring. How did you get into it? Did you teach yourself?

It’s only been in the last two or three years that I’ve really focused on colouring honestly. I found a love for it when I first started creating Azure Capricorn, especially colouring/painting the water in that webcomic. I’m completely self taught, aside from some wonderful advice from some friends and professionals.

Mr Marlow sample page

Mr Marlow sample page

You also got to see Superhero Helpdesk in print. I really enjoyed the design extras. You must be happy to have more of your work in physical form.

Definitely, it’s one thing to see it on a computer scene, but to see it in print is an exhilarating feeling. I’m glad my designs and sketches as well got to see the light of day. I think it’s great for readers to see the ‘design’ process behind the characters and the general setting.

Another Mr Marlow sample page

Another Mr Marlow sample page

You’ve produced a lot of stuff this year, what’s next for you?

Right now I am currently involved in colouring two different issues of comic books that will be announced soon, and creating a self published work with Hugo Boylan, Mr. Marlow which should hopefully be out this August. For myself I’m hoping in the future to move in the direction of being a colourist, while still being able to self publish my own work in between.