A Lazy Guys Guide To Cosplay Part One: Looking Sixie

Even before joining the ranks of ICN, I had been attending Arcade Con for a number of years. Walking around the event, through a sea of anime, computer game and movie characters and more, I always felt a little underdressed. At last year’s event, most of the members of The Irish Pubcast, and fellow Whovians (not Kim, never call Kim a Whovian!) were dressed as the rebellious Gallifreyan. Being a Sixth Doctor fan, I suggested I might cosplay as Colin Baker’s version of the Doctor at some future event. Being heavily encouraged by the guys (with Ciaran Marcantonio insisting that I not try and get away with the Sixth Doctor’s more tame blue costume), I will be trying cosplay for the first time this weekend.
Now the cosplay attendees of the Arcade Con are far more creative than me and will definitely be putting much more effort in (probably actually creating their outfits with their own hands for example). If you want to be a lazy guy like me or just don’t have the sewing abilities, you can always head to website’s like http://www.hellocosplay.com to pick something up (I note here that I’m not getting anything from the website for mentioning them and am just letting people know where I picked up my particular outfit). The whole thing was pretty pain free and luckily everything fit quite well. All I needed then was the wig.
Well I can be a bit obsessive compulsive at times and the first wig I ordered (from http://www.maxwigs.com in case your were wondering) was strawberry blonde. Although the curls were perfect, I wasn’t completely satisfactory colour-wise to me so I ordered a blonde one which was much more like what I wanted (if anyone wants a curly strawberry blonde wig, let me know!). So, if you want to see the final product, you can see me wondering the halls of Arcade Con this Saturday and Sunday. Feel free to ask for a photo or a jelly baby! I’ll be writing about the experience next week.

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