Interview: Who Are The Globalists?

Like me you may have noticed the WIP images for Punt Press’ upcoming book The Globalists. I thought I’d ask the writer and the artist on the book about working on the series, some of inspiration behind the book and just who are The Globalists. First up is writer Nigel Flood.

What was the inspiration behind the creation of the book?

Nigel Flood: Well David the inspiration behind this book was my love of history and politics and I have always been fascinated by alternate histories and what if scenarios.

So, who are The Globalists?

NF: The Globalists are a team that rule the world, each of them control a continental union but they are all answerable there supreme leader the United Nationalist, his word is law, he has the final say on every decision. In his world religion is outlawed, all native languages are outlawed, there is one global language spoken and that is Esperanto. The Globalists are worshiped like celebrities as they have put an end to global conflict and turned the world into a Utopia, crime and world hunger have all mostly been eliminated.
Have you a favourite character?

NF: It is very hard to pick a favourite character from the comic but if I had to choose one it would be a tie between the Swiss, the leader of the Resistance and the United Nationalist, leader of the Globalists and ruler of the world, the two characters are very similar to each other in a way, as they are both fighting for a cause they believe in and they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.

How did Kevin Keane end up as part of the project?

NF: Well I first met Kevin at DICE 2013 and I was very impressed with his portfolio at the time and I always had it in mind for him to work on one of my project if he was interested in it. Thankfully when I sent him a sample of the Globalists script he was willing to sign up for the project.
What do you feel he brings to the book?

NF: Kevin brings a lot to this book, without him the Globalists universe would not exist they would just words sitting on my computer screen, he is also the co-creator of the Globalists main rivals the Resistances. He is an amazing artist and a joy to work with.

I asked Kevin Keane about taking on the project.

What’s your first step when taking on a new book?

Kevin Keane: I think the first step to taking on any new story is absorbing the script. I usually read the script about 3 times before I start doing thumbnails. I treat scripts like a movie or TV show and try to see the scenes as a viewer before I start to construct the panels and pages. Once I become familiar with the story I can then start brainstorming page layouts, compositions etc. It’s probably the most exciting part of the process, getting to work out where everything goes and play with different ideas.
I think this is your first superhero style book. Does that change your art style in any way?

KC: This isn’t my first time drawing superheroes for a book, I did a short story last year with Stephen Carey and Eoin Hurrell for Dublin Comic Con. This is however my first full issue and that did change the way I approach things. Up to this point I’ve been drawing 4 – 10 page stories and while they’re a lot of fun, it can be difficult to get comfortable drawing the various characters and settings. Due to the script being longer, I had the opportunity to draw certain characters over and over again in various situations, which was a huge confidence boost and made the elements I would normally leave until last much more enjoyable.

In terms of art style, I experimented with a few new things but I think at this stage I’m still learning and growing as an artist and a story this length is of huge benefit to that growth, it allows me to develop a comfortable routine while still challenging me to draw things I wouldn’t normally go out of my way to draw. (Cities….)
Who has been your favourite character to draw?

KC: My favourite character to draw…I think either The United Nationalist or The Cuban. I love drawing the United Nationalist. I’ve always preferred bad guys and he’s an example of a bad guy with conviction. The Cuban is always lighting or smoking his cigar, no matter what the situation is, he’s not without his cigar. I found that to be a really cool character trait and reminded me of the days when I used to play Metal Gear Solid all the time.

You have a colourist on this book. Does that change your approach? What do you think they add to your art?

KC: Having Maury as the colourist on this book made my life so much easier. Maury is an excellent colourist and needs very little direction, he brings his own flair to the story that I feel really compliments and adds my work. Maury makes very intelligent decisions with each page. Adding textures to places that I would never have thought of, choosing colours that work just right with the overall tone of the scenes and just making the book better as a whole. I would recommend Maury to anyone looking for pro standard colours for their book.

When does the book go on sale?

NF: If everything goes according to plan it will be available at this year DCC