Review: Afterworld

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Review by David Ferguson

Art by Robert Carey
Writing by Stephen Carey
Lettering by Stephen Carey

Reilly Cooper has tragically died and things only get worse for him from there. I don’t like to give away too many plot points in my reviews but I think that gives a good idea where this science fiction / gangster book from Robert and Stephen Carey is coming from. The first issue packs in a lot of story, setting the scene and introducing us to the mostly unseemly residents of Afterworld and the aforementioned Reilly Cooper. His arrival is used as a vehicle to set the stage for the book as he meets someone who tries to explain to him what kind of situation he finds himself in. We don’t know all the hows and whys yet but the creative team has come up with enough interesting questions that I want to come back to get some answers. Stephen Carey’s script involves some twisted humour (this is not for kids) and Robert Carey has created a few characters that might look pretty familiar to people (think Irish comic scene people) so there is a dark comedy element to the book that I think gives it something extra. I am a big fan of weird sci-fi and the science fiction elements work brilliantly. The background has some ominous clouds that suggest an afterlife and maybe not the good place (considering the cast, probably not) and Robert Carey draws everything from mobsters to other weird things (spoilers) and somehow manages to mesh it all together so everything seems to fit in this strange new world.

I think I’d describe the book as a kind of sci-fi Good Fellas. It has the violent mobster elements of a gangster movie but there is also that intriguing science fiction element. That’s what grabbed me. Issue two please.