Stephen Byrne: Comic Art Picks

Creator Art Picks, where we ask comic creators about the comics and artists they like and that influence them. Stephen Byrne is a comic artist and animator. He is known for his Gravity Falls-esque animated Doctor Who intro and his disney-fied Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer ones have see huge hits on the web. He also makes his hilarious webcomic, Steve Loves Internet
Who was the first artist you took notice of when getting into comics, that made you realize it was someone’s job to draw or just made you aware of creators?

I remember the Beano being an early comic that I read and realized that someone was making it. I was fascinated at how they made the characters look the same in every frame. I didn’t know how that was possible.


Do you have a biggest influence or favourite artist, one that’s maybe affected your style or storytelling more than others?
Stuart Immonen. I discovered him through Ultimate Spider-Man and have not stopped following him since. He can do Cartooney to super real and everything in between with flawless storytelling.
Do you have a favourite artistic run on a series, or simply a love of the way one artist draws a certain character or team?
Stuart Immonen on Ultimate Spider-Man
Do you have a specific favourite page or sequence from an artist?
Declan Shalvey’s murderama from Moon Knight (with the panels dropping off the pages as you progressed) stood out to me as something pretty spectacular. It played with the medium in a really interesting way. I like stuff that shakes up your expectations.
What’s your favourite comic book cover?
I like the minimalism of any Sex Criminals cover. They always stand out on the shelf.
Who’s your favourite artist right now?
Stuart Immonen! or Frank Quitely.
Is there a current underrated artist or up and coming one you’d like to highlight?
Edward Pun! ( ) Coz he does things like this:
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Questions by Chris O’Halloran