Review: A Life In Defence

Review by David Ferguson

Art by Colin Langan
Written by Seamus Kavanagh

I don’t get to hear about every Irish release in advance so it was a nice surprise when I discovered A Life In Defence when I walking around Dublin Comic Con. A Life In Defence is a medieval fantasy style story about kings, knights, wizards and weird monsters. It is more than that though as Seamus Kavanagh uses the story to look into the themes of life, death and leadership. The art style has a rough edge to it but I think it suits the story. There are some great character designs that give the story an authentic medieval style flavour. The wizardry side of the story necessitates the creation of some interesting monsters and weird settings. Colin Langan has done an extremely good job of both. The book has a nice mix of action too. This is a satisfying done in one tale which gives the reader something to think about.