Sarah Bowie: Art Picks

Creator Art Picks, where we ask comic creators about the comics and artists they like and that influence them. Sarah Bowie is a comic maker, illustrator and founding member of the Comics Lab (a monthly comics salon which aims to develop a vibrant alternative comics scene in Dublin). She is currently working on a picture for O’Brien Press which will be released in 2016.

Who was the first artist you took notice of when getting into comics, that made you realize it was someone’s job to draw or just made you aware of creators?

Honestly, it was Manga that birthed me into the world of comics.  I had loved the Beano and Buster growing up, but hadn’t actually considered comics as something I’d like to get into until I first saw manga.  It was the aesthetic moreso than the storytelling I was drawn too.  I found the linework and page layouts staggeringly beautiful.

Do you have a biggest influence or favourite artist, one that’s maybe affected your style or storytelling more than others?
Many inspirations rather than one single influence.  I greatly admire the brave storytelling of Tomi Ungerer – without formula he has evolved and reinvented himself throughout the decades and always strives for what is authentic.  The Tamaki cousins are also impeccable storytellers (ring of truth always there). For linework, character and humour – Jules Pfeiffer and Ronald Searle. There are too many to mention.
Do you have a favourite artistic run on a series, or simply a love of the way one artist draws a certain character or team?Probably not quite what you’re asking, but in terms of series, then I think Tove Jansson’s beautfully executed Moomin’s need a mention.
Do you have a specific favourite page or sequence from an artist?
Antoine Cosse’s ‘Mutiny Bay’ is filled with beautiful sequences.
What’s your favourite comic book cover?
Brecht Evan’s ‘The Wrong Place’
Who’s your favourite artist right now?
There is so much beautful work out there, but if I have to pick for right now, I’d say Isabelle Arsenault’s work for the graphic novel ‘Jane, the fox and me’
Is there a current underrated artist or up and coming one you’d like to highlight?
I think Luke Healy is doing a lot of interesting work right now.  I reckon we’ll be seeing a lot more from him for many years to come.
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Questions by Chris O’Halloran