Ferguson’s 7 Questions With… Wayne Talbot

Wayne Tardis
On this edition of 7 questions, we have the Irish Pubcast member who recently made his critically acclaimed writing debut in Lightning Strike issue 7 (hey I’m a critic!). It’s 7 questions with… Wayne Talbot.

What was the first comic work you did that was published?

The Broker part one, which was just launched at Dublin Comic Con as part of Issue 7 of Lighting Strike. I’m still a little wet behind the ears.

What is the biggest thing you have learned since that book?

Having a good team working with you is a blessing, and never treat that team like an audience, they are creating the story with you and will help tell the story to its fullest if everything should be laid out in a clear and precise manner, don’t hide any twists or turns in the story as they need to know everything you have regrading the story you want to tell. I was really lucky with The Broker, Ruairí Coleman, Timothy Brown and Miriam Abuin took my script and really went for it. I was very lucky. Lighting Strike Editor Ciaran Marcantonio made sure I got this team. He believed in the story I wanted to tell and made it possible that the folks who worked with me could deliver that. Top class every single one of them.

What’s your process for writing a comic book?

I write a rough story outline, I have a load of notebooks filled with outlines, beginning, middle and end. Then I gather any major plot points and beats and decide where they will sit in the over all story. I then lay it all out and see if it fits. For example, with The Broker, I knew I wanted to have three smaller arcs within the one overall story that work as individual parts to a larger outlook. I have just finished the second story and have the outline of the third story that I am now bulking out with the how it flows and caps the overall arc that started in the first part.

What is the biggest influence on your work?

The generation I’m from generally have similar influences, you know like Star Wars, everything Spielberg has ever done. I’m also heavily influenced by old school anime, stuff like Cyber City Oedo 808, G.I.T.S.A.C. and countless other titles. I am also a massive Doctor Who fan, have been since I was around ten, and for anyone who cares about such things my favourite Doctor is the Eight Doctor Paul McGann, and for the folks going HUH? right now, go check out his Big Finish audio adventures

As far as Comic Book influences, I cut Comic Book teeth on 2000AD, both writing and artistic influences like John Wagner, Carlos Ezquerra, Simon Bisley, Pat Mills, Kevin O’Neill. Growing up in the 80s and 90s when stories such Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, ABC Warriors, Button Man, Robo Hunter and Devlin Waugh were the main draw of the book for me. Stories laced with political satire, fantastic characters and just brilliant ideas that still influence my writing and artwork to this day.

Other influences art wise Humberto Ramos and David Lafuente, and writing wise, everything Kieron Gillen has written, like EVERYTHING!

What are you working on right now?

I’m finishing up the final part of The Broker which shall be published in a future issue of Lightning Strike. I am also working on a longer story called The Barren Lands and I have just started an outline for a title called A Town called Kill. I have a long term project I have been working on that is slowly but surely taking the shape I want it to, shall announce more on that when I am happy with the direction its going and I am also working with Ciaran Marcantonio on a stand alone story based in a universe he created.

What do you have out now or coming out next?

The Broker part one is available as part of Lightning Strike issues 7, with the next two parts due soon.

What is your favourite Irish comic?

Right now it’s Hound by Paul Bolger and Barry Devlin. Fantastic work from all involved, I think I’ve re-read it around twenty times now. Really looking forward to volume two. I jumped on the Kickstarter as soon as it launched.


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