Advanced Review: Heavy Black

Art by Rapha Lobosco
Written by Hugo Boylan
Letters by Kerrie Smith
Cover by Manny Clark

I must start with the cover which really captures the heart of the story inside. Manny Clark has created a very cool science fiction horror image. It just has a hint of menace. Having recently discovered (and been pretty impressed by) Rapha Lobosco’s art in “Murphy’s Day” in Lightning Strike issue 7, I was very interested in seeing this book. It is a completely different kind of book and he seems to have adapted extremely well to the new surroundings. A science fiction horror, the tone and setting can’t help but remind you of Alien but it has its own feel. There are some nice design elements that add that bit extra to the overall package.
HB Preview 4
Hugo Boylan has once again let his artist do the talking with the dialogue and captions being kept to minimum but being enough to help tell the story. Another tension builder as the hero seems more and more in peril. The only complaint I have is that I’d like a longer story but I enjoyed what I was given. Kerrie Smith’s lettering really fits the genre with some cool sound effects and an alien language to boot. It rounds off a very polished performance by this creative team.

Heavy Black goes on sale at ComicCity Fest, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September.