Some books To Bring To (Or Buy At) ComicCity Fest

I have decided to do one of my meandering posts about what books to bring to (or buy at) ComicCity Fest. As with most cons, there are a few books launching with LIGHTNING STRIKE issue 8 (the official convention comic), HEAVY BLACK and RABBIT AND PAUL going on sale for the first time. We will also be getting a colourised version of AFTERWORLD and a new version of DECTECTIVE 1945. I’ll be bringing a few books to get signed. REMORSE (for Debbie Jenkinson), ALEISTER CROWLEY: THE WANDERING WASTE (for Martin Hayes) and the first volume of REYN (for Nate Stockman). I’ll hopefully be able to find QUEEN OF STORMS (for Dave Hendrick). I really need to sort my shelves.

Ireland’s IMAGE contingent will be at the con in force with Jordie Bellaire (INJECTION and so many more!), Declan Shalvey (INJECTION), John McCrea (MYTHIC) and the aforementioned Nate Stockman (REYN). You might want to bring the latest issue of MIDNIGHTER for Stephen Mooney to sign (out only last week). His GRAYSON issues were collected recently enough in a hardcover too (which I must also dig out). While you’re stopping off at John McCrea’s table, you could also get some SECTION 8 issues signed (issue 4 is out this week). I’ll also be bringing a couple of volumes of HITMAN which I started to check out when ALL STAR SECTION 8 launched (not necessary but worthwhile).

PJ Holden’s most recent work in GUNSUITS is another comic pile to bring along (3 of the 4 issues are out). Ruth Redmond has been colouring, amongst other things, some DEADPOOL SECRET SECRET WARS (she’s super happy to be doing that one though) and has also contributed to LIGHTNING STRIKE issue 8. Another LIGHTNING STRIKE issue 8 contributor, Michael Carroll will also be on hand. You can get the BLOOD OF EMERALDS issues of 2000AD signed by him. He also has a story in JUDGE DREDD: THE MEGA COLLECTION – THE HEAVY MOB (which features the art of PJ Holden). Stephen Downey has provided variant cover art to a number of DYNAMITE COMICS issues including FLASH GORDON issue 4.

There are probably so many more books to bring or buy that I have omitted so check out the guests and exhibitors for details.