John McCrea: Art Picks

Creator Art Picks, where we ask comic creators about the comics and artists they like and that influence them. John McCrea is a comic book artist from Belfast most notably known for his collaborations with Garth Ennis, including Hitman. John is currently providing art for All-Star Section 8 from DC Comics and his creator owned book at Image, Mythic.
Who was the first artist you took notice of when getting into comics, that made you realize it was someone’s job to draw or just made you aware of creators?
Steve Ditko – I started reading Spiderman when I was 4 – Ditko was drawing it and he brought such a dynamic to everything – and there was no mistaking his style – I just fell in love with his work…
Do you have a biggest influence or favourite artist, one that’s maybe affected your style or storytelling more than others?
Probably John Byrne, I was a Byrne addict and I absorbed everything he did, and I still see his influence in my work to this day.
Do you have a favourite artistic run on a series, or simply a love of the way one artist draws a certain character or team?
Ditko on Spiderman- nuff said!
Do you have a specific favourite page or sequence from an artist?
The sequence were Spidey throws the huge metal machine that is pinning him down while water pours into the Master Planner’s underground base- such a perfect example of the superhero ideal, Ditko and Lee creating a visual masterpiece to outshine any work of art before or since…. plus it’s dead good!
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What’s your favourite comic book cover?
Avengers #29 – I read this on my Aunt’s porch during the summer holidays- I have such a clear and vivid memory of that precise time that this cover is forever etched on my brain- halcyon days, indeed!
Who’s your favourite artist right now?
Sean Murphy, he is an artistic wizard…
Is there a current underrated artist or up and coming one you’d like to highlight?
Brian Churilla – he’s just done a back up story for Mythic and a variant cover- they are lovely…
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Questions compiled by Chris O’Halloran