Joining The War: An Interview With Aaron Fever


Aaron Fever joins the Artos creative team from issue 3. I asked him about his first published work and jumping into the War of the Fál crossover.

Have you always been a comics fan?

For as long as I can remember I’ve read comics of some form or another. I was a Beano super-fan when I was very small. Then I would read some of my older brother’s 2000 AD comics that he had stashed in his wardrobe. I guess I didn’t start reading super-hero comics until I was about 12 or 13 when I found those collection comics Marvel do in the UK that you can find in the newsagents. Astonishing Spider-Man I think it was called. It was right around the time of the Clone Saga and I was hooked ever since. I’m very much a Ben Reilly fan-club member. It’s just me and two other lunatics.

How did you get involved with Artos?

It think it’s no secret that the comic’s creator and artist, Jason Browne, works in Forbidden Planet. I’ve been going there for my comics since I was 16 so over the years we had gotten to know each other a little. He knew I had some previous comic experience with a webcomic I wrote called Hands Down. Me and him get on well so I think that made him think I might be a good fit for Artos. He asked if I would give it a crack and I think he’s happy with the results. I hope, at least!

The book is in the middle of a crossover, did that make it more difficult?

A little. I’ll divulge some sneaky behind the scenes info: when Jason first asked me to write Artos it was with issues 4, 5, and 6 in mind. I had finished writing those issues before being asked to write #3 too. So I had lived a while in Conor’s world which made tackling the cross-over a little easier. It was still intimidating to come in to a big story with so many characters but I had a lot of fun writing Artos and The Wren butting heads while trying to work together.

What is your take on Artos as a character?

Artos is interesting because Conor is a kid who is old before his time. He’s only 13 but he’s super into archaeology and Irish folklore, something which most kids his age wouldn’t have the patience for. His best friend is his dad, really. I can’t imagine him being the popular kid in school. But despite his maturity he’s still just a kid who is trying to deal with having the power of a Bear God, which can’t be easy at all. The Wren is a little older than Conor but acts his age much more so I’m hoping the two of them can learn a little from each other.

Can you tell us something about the story?

Bad guys Bothvar and Magpie are hoping to get a map that will help them find the powerful Boghta stones. Luckily, our heroes Artos and Wren have foiled their plans so far but unfortunately they don’t know what to do next. They go looking for some help and bump into a few familiar faces along the way. I can say no more but expect a big fight in this one! BIG.

Any other comics in your future?

Well, like I said earlier, fans of Artos will have to get used to me for a while because I’m onboard through to issue 6. I’ve also got an original comic that I’ve written which I’ll hopefully be able to announce something about soon. Talking to an editor about it at the moment but alas not much more can be said outside of that. I’m lucky enough to have a few friends in the industry who are very encouraging so hopefully this is the start of a long career.

Artos issue 3 goes on sale at Thought Bubble in Leeds. You can follow Aaron Fever on Twitter @AaronFever.