The Cork Horror Comic

cork_horror_coverFrom the Cork Comics Blog:

“This year’s Cork Horror Comic will be launched at the Dragon Of Shandon Festival on the 29th of October from 6pm until 8pm at St.Anne’s church up in Shandon. The Comic was put together by the Cork Comic Creator group. It follows this year’s Cork Sci-Fi Comic and the first Cork Horror Comic from last year.

The book contains 5 stories. A spooky trip to a storage unit where the festival decorations are held, a tale of ancient Cork and the Dragon living in the River Lee, a vegan meat pie plan with some demons, go back in time at Cork City Gaol and a reminder to be careful on your way home after a night out and wary of those you meet.

The story editors on the comic were Seán Leonard and James O’Callaghan. Their job involved sorting submissions from writers and picking the stories that best fit the book then helping the writers out with scripting the comic if needed. Art Editor and cover artist was Chris O’Halloran. Chris picked from the artists that submitted and assigned a suitable one to each of the five stories while also being on hand to aid the artists in the early stage of development to make sure the pages worked as they were intended.

The selected stories and creators are:

“Raising the Dragon”
Written by Dave McNally with art by Shane O’Sullivan. Lettering by Chris O’Halloran.
“Vegan Meat”
Written by Dylan Fitzgerald with art by Damien Duncan. Lettering by C.A. Aabo.

“Back In Time”
Written by Ryan McVeigh with art by John Quigley. Lettering by Alice Coleman.

“The Monster of The Lee”
Written by Liam Hughes with art by Fiona Boniwell. Lettering by Erica J. Heflin.

“The Lady of the Lee”
Written by Morgan Ormond with art by Brian Corcoran. Lettering by Colin O’Mahoney.

The Cork Comic Creator group hold a monthly meeting for those interested in making comics. Whether you’ve never made a comic and are looking to find out how to start or if you’ve worked on many, there are many who regularly attend with knowledge and experience for writers, artists, colourists, letterers and editors. It’s also a great way to meet collaborators, for writers in search of an artists and visa versa. Meetings are usually held on the last Monday of every month at 8pm upstairs in The Roundy in Cork City. For more and to see the latest from comic creators in Cork see Comics in Cork on facebook and the Cork Comics Blog:

The Cork Horror Comic will be €3 and if interest is anything like last year copies may disappear fast so check out the launch from 6pm on October 29th.”