Five Horror Books I’d Like To See

I have done of a few of these “Five books” (Marvel, DC, Licensed and Cartoon Saloon Adaptations) and I find them a lot of fun to do. I thought I’d run out of new ideas but then I got some Halloween inspiration. Followers of previous ones will note that I like to set myself some restrictions as a challenge. This time I have decided that I will only select from the truly cheesey horror movies that I grew up watching. True horror fans can feel free to be appalled by the following selections.


Art by Fiona Boniwell
Written by Maura McHugh
Colours by Triona Farrell

"The Monster of the Lee" written by Liam Hughes, art by Fiona Boniwell

“The Monster of the Lee” written by Liam Hughes, art by Fiona Boniwell

I’m not a fan of the Evil Dead series in general but the Army of Darkness had a level of fantasy and cheese that I enjoyed. For those that don’t know, there were two endings that, to avoid spoilers, we will refer to as the “happy ending” and “gut wrenching ending”. My pitch to the creative theme would be: “The gut wrenching ending. What happens next?” I think Maura McHugh has the horror experience to come up with something cool and, after reading the Cork Horror Comic, Fiona Boniwell was my first choice for artist. I think Triona Farrell would definitely add something to the mix.


Art by Cian Tormey
Written by Darrin O’Toole
Colours by Chris O’Halloran

Cian Tormey goes spooky with his

Cian Tormey goes spooky with his "Crow" piece for Inktober

The series involves Death stalking people and killing them in interesting ways which often include cool twists (Final Destination 2 was my personal favourite). That kind of story instantly made me think of Darrin O’Toole so he was first pick to write it. I’ve been following Cian Tormey on social media and have been really impressed by his work so I thought why not use to this to highlight him. Also, I think working with Darrin would be good for any new artist. Chris O’Halloran‘s colouring has been impressing more and more so I would add him. My pitch would be just to pick somewhere unique to set it and have some fun with it.


Art by Anna Fitzpatrick
Written by Michael CarrolL

A "Between Worlds"  page by Anna Fitzpatrick

A “Between Worlds” page by Anna Fitzpatrick

This movie scared the hell out of me when I first watched it. Naturally, I watched it when I was far too young. It was the 80s. Researching it for this, I had totally forgotten that it starred Bruce Campbell (but that would explain why my best friend loves it). After reading his Necrophobia, I knew Michael Carroll was the writer for this gig. I’ve always been a fan of Between Worlds and I think Anna Fitzpatrick’s evocative painting style would be perfect for the world of the demon cop. I’m sure the team could come up with an interesting take on this.


Art by Seán Hogan
Written by Seán Hogan
Colours by Ruth Redmond

"Rabbit And Paul" art by Seán Hogan.

“Rabbit And Paul” art by Seán Hogan

I was really impressed with Rabbit And Paul and I think Seán Hogan’s style would really suit this book. I’m not a fan of musicals but who could resist Steve Martin as an evil dentist. I think Seán Hogan could also capture the absurd zaniness of the film. I added Ruth Redmond to the mix as I think she has the experience and skill to put the finishing touches on what would really be a fun book.


Art by Anthea West
Written by Anthea West

A "DustBunny" art by Anthea West

A “Dustbunny” art by Anthea West

The story of some alien creatures that land on Earth and cause mayhem in rural America (the first one starred Kevin Bacon and the third one Leonardo DiCaprio so that may appeal to some). I picked Anthea West purely as it would be a sharp contrast to her own series Fate (a Critter seems like a nightmare version of a Dustbunny to me) and I’d like to see what she’d come up with.

So that’s my list. I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to offer your suggestions and if you have an idea for another “5 comics”, I would happily accept your challenge.