A Hand Of Fingers

01 a hand of fingers cover
John Robbins’ first publication since last year’s graphic novella ‘Unlucky
Unlikely’ (Blackshapes, 2014) is ‘A Hand Of Fingers’, an anthology that
collects material from a diverse array of publications that include the UK’s
‘Rhizome Magazine’, Tallaght newspaper ‘The Echo’, US journal of comics
poetry ‘Ink Brick’, and Irish-centric anthologies ‘Romantic Mayhem’ and
‘Courageous Mayhem’.
all the way
In ‘A Hand Of Fingers’ there are troubles with children, and children with
troubles. There are persons absent and things present — and floundering
folk compelled to act. To wit: a desperate dad with a toddler-sized cooler
drives towards a miracle; a grieving student responds to an email sent by
her dead boyfriend; a haunted boy seeks the approval of his late father.
winter boots
‘A Hand Of Fingers’ is available as a digital download and a print-on-demand
paperback. Order a copy from John Robbins’ Author Spotlight page on Lulu:
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