Girls Like You

I won’t get a chance to review the book before it is released at Thought Bubble (damn you real world!) so I thought I’d share some images and info to show off how great the book is. Kerrie Smith (who provides the lettering and writes all the stories) has assembled a talented bunch of (mostly) female creators to create an excellent anthology. The collection includes:

AGENCY with Amanda Spitzner

GRAVITY with Hannah Deacon

GONE with Debbie Jenkinson

PAPERDOLL with Sarah Elliott

VACUUM with John Quigley (art) and Chris O’Halloran (colours)

CLING with Brian Burke (a previous release I have reviewed)

TUG-OF-WAR with Julie Nick (art) and Stefanie Reville (colours)

NUMB with Rapha Lobusco

The cover is by Ruth Redmond.

Here’s some preview art for you to enjoy.
gravity 1
gravity 2
paperdoll 1
paperdoll 2
vacuum 1
vaccum 2
cling 1
cling 2
Tug of war 1
tug of war 2
numb 1
numb 2