Back To Prog 1566

When asked about his start in comics, Michael Carroll will often mention his Future Shock/Time Twisters stories and in particular his 2000AD debut “Back To The Fuhrer” from Prog 1566 (with artist Gary Erskine). I had always wanted to read that story but thought it would be a tough enough task to track it down. It just struck me over the weekend that it could be on the 2000AD App (Coincidentally I downloaded the app to research another Michael Carroll story for an interview a few months ago). Low and behold, it was on there. I’ll let you check the story out yourself but Mike’s idea was to take all the “do nots” from a time travel story and put them in one story. It was as fun as expected and I think the idea was well played out. I do of course recommend you try your LCS for issues but if you can’t find them, the app has every issue since Prog 1469 (which logically includes all Michael Carroll’s stories).