Last Rebel


This December Cork’s Turncoat Press are releasing their third comic, Last Rebel. A 24 page comic set in a post-apocalyptic Cork City overrun by mutants and sinister gangs. In this troubled world stands the final beacon of hope and humanity, Jenny, The Last Rebel.

It will be available in selected stores in Cork and Dublin.

The comic book contains four stories in the world and a nice mix of Irish creators. Jenny, the barbed-wire bound hurley wielding hero has concerns over her troubled teenage sister, Grace. The city isn’t as populated or as functional as it once was and those who remain need a hero. Throw mutant cheetahs and swans in the mix and Jenny really has her hands full.

The cover was drawn by Cork based illustrator Eva Widermann and coloured by Chris O’Halloran.

The story “Word Down South” is written by Emmet O’Brien, art by Fiona Boniwell , coloured by Joe Griffin and lettered by Rob Jones.

“Grace” is written by Chris O’Halloran and Colin O’Mahoney with art by Stefanie Reville. C.A. Aabo lettered it.

“Empty Nest” was scripted by Emmet O’Brien with art by Cian Tormey. Chris O’Halloran is on colours and the lettering was done by Erica J. Heflin.

The final story, “Home”, was scripted by Colin O’Mahoney with art by Damien Duncan, colours by Chris O’Halloran and lettering by Kerrie Smith.

Their will be a release event in Waterstone’s in Cork on the 5th of December to celebrate. (See event page here)

Turncoat Press have also updated their website to go along with the new comic’s release where you can pre-order Last Rebel.