ICN Hall of Fame (Individual) 2015

Belfast born artist John McCrea is best known for his collaborations with writer Garth Ennis. He broke into American comics working with him on Hitman for DC. He is currently working on a spin-off mini-series, All Star Section 8. He has worked on a variety of projects for Marvel, IDW amongst others, recently stepping into the creator owned world of Image with Mythic (with writer Phil Hester). Here’s a small sample of his work:


Fellow artist PJ Holden had this to say about him:

“There’s much to admire about John McCrea, be it the always unique and original twist on super heroics he brings to the books he draws, the incredible work ethic that would crack any normal person, the fact that he, along with Fred Collier, set up, arguably, Belfast’s first comic shop in Dark Horizons or the incisive guidance he’s provided for many over the years, these are all perfectly valid reasons to admire him. But spend any time in his company and all of that fades to grey as you realise that he’s also one of the most charming people in comics you’ll ever meet.”

We are delighted to add John McCrea to ICN Hall of Fame.