ICN Hall of Fame (Book) 2015


The Earthbound God is a 144-page fantasy graphic novel by Anthea West, with editorial assistance by Ruth Redmond, published by Dustbunny Comics in January 2013 with a third printing being released recently. It tells the story of Yaeya and Eusha, two wandering hunters, who journey to the mountain lands in search of the earthbound god Mij; a terrifying deer-like creature, in order to take its heart and present it to a rich dying duke.

Colin O’Mahoney originally reviewed the book for ICN:

“What really impressed me about The Earthbound God is just how well presented it is. The entire story is set in snow, and this is used to great effect in the landscape and on the page, with the greyscale washing it in atmosphere and effect. The typefaces and iconography of the interior set to work building the world before the story even begins, and connected imagery on the inside covers bookend the graphic novel, making it clear that an immense amount of thought and design has gone into how the finished piece looks, and how this represents what it is; the story it tells.”

Leeann Hamilton provides her thoughts on the book:

“The Earthbound God is an early but solid experiment in storytelling, brings a fresh eye to Irish comics and narrative, but is also charming and wonderful in its design and script.”

We are happy to add this book to the ICN Hall of Fame.