Review: Casket Case: Veritas

Review by David Ferguson

Inks, tones and letters by Sarah Louise Elliott
Words by Sarah Louise Elliott
Story by Sarah Louise Elliott and Edward Brophy

Irish creators are really turning me on to the horror thing. I’m beginning to see it like science fiction, as a means to tell a good story. My feeling at the end of reading this book was that the story is a deeply personal one. It is very psychological and it pulled me and won me over because of that. Yes there is a supernatural aspect to the story but what makes it scary, for me, are the elements that relate to, the main character, Moira’s family life. It did add something that the supernatural of Irish origin though. Sarah Elliott’s unique art style lends that personal feel and makes the book work as a whole. The depictions of the supernatural elements fit seamlessly with the every day world elements and this lends to the idea that it is every bit as part of Moira’s life as everything else.

I think I’ve figured out some part of Moira’s backstory but not all of it and I feel that’s the whole mark of a good story. The reader should have some idea of what’s going on but be left with questions. Moira is still working out things herself. I especially enjoyed the ending as it really hit some scary psychological notes. Recommended for horror fans and fans of character driven stories.