Review: The Globalists

Review by David Ferguson
Art and Inks by Kevin Keane
Script by Nigel Flood
Colours by Maury Tanaka
Lettering by Alice Coleman

One thing I quite like about Irish comics is the variety on offer. You can see that as I move from a review of Sarah Elliott’s Coffin Case and its personal feel to Nigel Flood’s (and Kevin Keane’s) Globalists and some super-human fair (it could be personal if Nigel Flood is bent on world domination or a career in freedom fighting, you’ll have to ask him). The book is about the rise to power of a group of super-humans called the Globalists and the fight back of the Resistance so it has more of a political aspect to it than a traditional superhero book. The issue is all about setting up the world and the players involved.

I’m a fan of Kevin Keane’s art and was looking forward to his first full book. I wasn’t disappointed. Two of the things that stand out for me here are:

His draw-dropping first page

How he draws the Swiss (leader of The Resistance)
He has to draw a large number of characters and it is to his credit that they all have distinct looks. He is ably assisted by Maury Tanaka who really compliments his art style. I must also commend Frank J Right for his design work on the Globalists. It is pretty difficult to come up with different looks for super-humans given the abundance of predecessors in comics and both artists manage to do both. One bit of advice I would offer on this large cast is that it is a lot of people for the reader to get to know so I might have added the odd character profile with some backstory as an extra at the back of the book or maybe online to flesh them and the world out about a bit more.

For example, I found this map (which was posted on the Punt Press Facebook page) a helpful extra to work out the Globalists’ world in my head:
The issue is a great start at building the world and I’ll be interested to get down to the individual characters and their motivations as some of them showed hints of intriguing possibilities (The Swiss and The Individual being two characters I want to know more about in particular). I recommend checking it out. I hope to see issue two soon.