Review: Ruaille Buaille

Athbhreithniú le David Ferguson

Scéalta le Fintan Taite, Mike Lynch, Steve Austin, Sarah Bowie, Maeve Clancy, Alan Nolan, Bob Byrne, Phil Barrett, Alan Ryan, Stephen Downey agus Dee Cunniffe.

The first thing I have to say about this book is that I wish I had this when I was trying to learn Irish in school. It is so much better than the material in the Irish syllabus. For one thing, it is so much fun. My only issue in reviewing this book was that my Irish is pretty bad/rusty. The funny thing is though, it started coming back to me as I went along. It helped that the book started with the relatively simple tale by Maeve Clancy (simple from a dialogue point of view). I got the majority of it without the aid of an online dictionary.

My lack of Irish also made me focus a bit more on the art and boy is there some great art on show. Coimicí Gael has assembled a veritable who’s who of the Irish independent scene. It was interesting looking at the likes of Bob Byrne and Alan Nolan and seeing the style you recognise just in a different language. If your Irish is bad, you can start with Sarah Bowie’s “silent” story that I thought was really charming and move on to the more difficult stuff. I don’t like to single out creators in anthologies but there is an energy to Fintan Taite’s art that I really enjoyed. It was nice to see so many creators who I want to see more of.

This is a great book for someone who wants to brush up on their Irish while enjoying some fun comics. I think they should have this book in schools. It has great art and the stories with different levels of Irish. Check it out.