This Is The End 2015

Another year is almost in the bag but I have just enough time to fit in my year in review piece. As I have said quite a few times throughout the year, the output (and quality of the output) is making it harder and harder to cover the Irish comics scene but ICN will endeavour to try. I’m gonna go with a different tack with this year’s review and go with a few lists.


Comic Shop Crawl dropping off flyers for Comic City Fest with  Ciaran Marcantonio

Comic Shop Crawl dropping off flyers for Comic City Fest with Ciarán Marcantonio

2015 were filled with numerous, wonderful moments and it is thanks to a lot of great people in the Irish Comics scene. I attended five conventions all of which had their own particular highlights. I also managed to attend a Comics Lab event (which I highly recommend).Here are some of my favourite comic book moments that didn’t involve much alcohol and that I can post without fear of lawyers getting involved.

1. Robert Carey’s panel at Comic City Fest
2. The Octocon future events panel
3. Cosplaying at ArcadeCon
4. The ICN Awards announcements
5. The response of the people of Cork to their first convention.


"Artist Credit" by John Cullen

“Artist Credit” by John Cullen

There were so many excellent books produced in 2015 like Hound, Remorse, Rabbit And Paul (and so and so on) so I was glad that it was you guys that had to decide on the best ones. Here are five stories (in no particular order) that hit an emotional chord or ticked a box for me (mainly the science fiction one) that you might have missed.

1. Necrophobia – All Cried Out (Lightning Strike 8)
2. Artist Credit (John Cullen’s NHOJ)
3. Stone Hewn Sky
4. Red Sands (Lightning Strike 6)
5. Think (Kitteenies – A Comic Collection)


"Tokyo Ghost" by Cian Tormey

“Tokyo Ghost” by Cian Tormey

Of course as we near 2016, we have to wonder what should we look forward to or who should we be paying attention to. Well here’s ten things (I couldn’t limit it to five) that I’ll be paying attention to in 2016:

1. Cian Tormey’s art
2. Nick Roche’s Sins of the Wreckers
3. Triona Farrell’s colours
4. The second volume of Hound
5. The Comics Lab
6. More comics being produced outside Dublin
7. Kerrie Smith’s writing
8. Lightning Strike
9. Irish talent at Image (Injection, Mythic and Reyn)
10. Leeann Hamilton’s work

I had a great 2015 thanks in particular to Ciarán Flanagan, Ciarán Marcantonio, Bobby Best, Darren Fahey, Wayne Talbot, Carol Connolly, Leonia Carroll, Michael Carroll, Maura McHugh, Paul Bolger and Chris O’Halloran. Well here’s to 2016 and more Irish books. If you’d like to check out some other reviews of 2015, you can find PJ Holden’s here and John Cullen’s here.