The Shield of Cú

This beauty is headed to a backer of the second Hound Kickstarter. Perhaps the ultimate Hound accessory – a one off replica of Cú Cullan’s shield. Designed by Paul Bolger and hand made by replica weapon’s specialists Owen Bright & Chris Levatino who loved Book One so much that they kindly volunteered their services to create the ultimate prize for the second campaign.

And just in case you are in the mood for some more Hound art, here is a finished panel from Book Two:

My Thoughts: Hound Book One was one of THE books of 2015 so I am looking forward to seeing Book Two (expected release is April). This was one of more unique extras I have seen for a Kickstarter campaign. I have my own special reasons for wanting to see it to see Book Two (more on that upon the release)