Free Deadpool Comic Day

With the Deadpool movie coming up, The Big Bang have decided to have a Free Deadpool comic day where people can get their hands on some free comics and get sketches from Robert Carey (Afterworld) and Cormac Hughes (Red Sands). The event is on Saturday the 6th at 2pm at the Big Bang’s palatial new premises. The poster above features Will Sliney‘s variant cover for Guardian of the Galaxy issue 4.

Here’s some Deadpool by Robert Carey:

And Cormac Hughes:

You check out the event’s Facebook page for updates.

My Thoughts: The Big Bang always put on excellent events and I like the idea of a tie-in to the Deadpool movie as a lot of people are talking about it. Get some free comics and some free sketches. I’d suggest picking up one or two more items while you’re there to support a great shop.