Wailing Heights

If you check out the above trailer for Wailing Heights, you might recognise some familiar art styles. The game is being developed by Outsider Studios, a game development studio established in 2011, run by artist Stephen Downey (Jennifer Wilde). Establishing the look and feel of the game is artist and animator John Mc Farlane (Zombies Hi) with contributions to the project from artists such as John McCrea (Mythic) and PJ Holden (Dept. of Monsterology) and writers like Maura McHugh (Jennifer Wilde) who will be providing concept art and back stories.

You can vote for the game on Steam and check out the production blog, which has more details on all the contributors, here.

My Thoughts: I’m a big fan of the old school 2D games and it is great to see creators getting work in other areas. Of course, I like the idea of getting extra information about the characters and expanding the world outside the game itself.