Masters of Lunacy

Artist Karl O’Rowe recently let us know about his webcomic Masters of Lunacy. I asked him to give us a few details.

Masters of lunacy is a webcomic which follows the adventures of the worlds worst superheroes, The team is made up of the patriotic Eagle, The cosmic crusader Baron Cosmo, Barracuda the dark avenger, Dr.Blackwell the Scottish master of the dark arts and Eve an Immortal teen created to bring the apocalypse. The comic is a skit about these broken golden age characters trying to survive in the modern dark and gritty superhero world. The issues will be split between large comic format issues and smaller mobile format issues and will be available to see on my facebook , tumblr and twitter

– Karl O’Rowe

My Thoughts: Another artist comes out of nowhere. I am pretty impressed with his style and recommend people check out the pages Karl has posted.