Snapshot of my Irish comic collection thus far.

So I was going through the comic collection earlier in the week and thought I’d tweet what Irish small press titles I’d managed to collect thus far.

I snapped a picture of each comic and tagged creators as I tweeted. Once done, I realised that it might be a nice idea to compile them into a single blog post. I could also include any creators/contributors that I’d missed during the initial tweeting.

There’s a variety of comics and a lot of creators in the list, so go give them a follow (and maybe pick up a comic or two!).

The tweets and amended list of creators follows below (taken from original Medium post):

Twitter links for “sorry I can’t take your call right now but I’m off saving the world”: @ztoical @tommmoore @AlNolan @philip_barrett @AtticusMercado @PaddyLynch4

Twitter Links for Hi Zombies 1–8: @kevingiologue @Dannymc66 @shaunwho @ruairicoleman @nestorcomic @antoluke616 @AlfieGallagher @burky126

Tweet Links for Zombies Hi 9+10 and The Ballad of Half Hanged MacNaghten: @Dannymc66 @michaelarby @kevingiologue @Ciaronious @ruairicoleman @CosmicBaconArt @adampescott

Twitter Links for Amelia Earhart and Leap 0+1: @Dannymc66 @michaelarby @kevingiologue

Twitter Links for Celtic Clan1–3 and the Globalists: @RobCareycomics @KevinKeane24 @miriamabuin

Additional Twitter links for Lightning Strikes 1: @richclements @Gerdrawsstuff @Brownehimself @Spectacular_Wit @paddy_brown @SteCarey @mapscauley

Additional Twitter links for Lightning Strikes 2–5: @Ciaronious @Fhiacha @Brownehimself @RobCareycomics @paddy_brown @KevWeldon @abandonedcomics @lukapiz @COMPANYMAN01 @LonesomeJay @Amrit_Birdi @eoinhurrell @miriamabuin @vandalhandle @KevinKeane24 @unicomics @darrinotoole @deezoid

Twitter Links for Hi Zombies 11 and Conundrum 1: @kevingiologue @Dannymc66 @ruairicoleman @michaelarby

Twitter Links for The Wren vol 1–3 and issue 11: @abandonedcomics @Jason1Kent

Twitter Links for Artos #1+2 and Thimble #1: @abandonedcomics @Jason1Kent

Twitter Links for I’m Awake I’m Alive: @thinkingcog @colinomahoney

Twitter Links for Girls Like You: @burky126 @debbiejenkinson @ChrisOHalloran @rapha_lobosco @Ruth_Redmond @HugoBoylan