ICN To Launch Hall of Fame Celebrity Wing

In a move that will seem like we are simply copying the WWE, ICN are set to launch a celebrity wing of the ICN Hall of Fame. Possible inductees include that actor from Breakfast On Pluto who turned up at ComicCity Fest for a bit and the two former Doctor Who actors who are set to appear at that convention that everybody hates. You know the one.

When I reached out to ICN for comment, I wasn’t saying anything because talking to yourself is a bit weird. Contributor Chris O’Halloran just muttered “The colours children. The colours.” Newbie Stephen Ward could not be found as he was off hunting art postings on Twitter. Founder Tommie Kelly could not be reached either as he was busy contemplating the nature of the universe on a higher plane of existence or that’s what he said he was doing when I asked for a pay rise.