Podcast Custody Battle

In a move that is sure to rock the Irish comic scene, Irish Pubcast members Wayne Talbot and Darren Fahey have launched a custody battle with the ComicCity Cast presenters Ciarán Flanagan and Bobby Best over serial podcaster Ciarán Marcantonio.

“When he comes back from them, he barely remembers Doctor Who,” explained Wayne, who was wearing a rather fetching 12 foot scarf.

“They haven’t even tried to get him to like Transformers comics,” accused Darren.

When reached for comment, Ciarán Flanagan yelled “JUST BRING IT!” while co-host Bobby Best repeated the word “What?” after each question even though I’m almost certain he could hear what I was saying.

When threatened with Kim Brosnan being brought in as a character witness, they mumbled something about a British secret agent while humming “Dum dee dum dum, dum dum dum. Dum dee dum dum, dum dum dum. DAH DAH! DAH DOO DAH!”

Ciarán Marcantonio isn’t answering my questions.