Review: Solstice Chapter 1: Winter

Review by David Ferguson

Art by Nathan Donnell
Written by Danny McLaughlin

I sometimes lose track of when books are coming out so it was a nice surprise at Enniskillen Comic Fest when Danny McLaughlin handed me over a copy of Solstice from Revolve Comics. Fresh off the presses. Pouring through the pages, I was instantly impressed by Nathan Donnell’s art. His pencils have an energy to them that really makes the book come to life. I particularly like the design of the Wolf Totem. He captures the wild savagery of the wolf while giving it an otherworldly feel. I also like the blue and white colour scheme as it gives the book the feel of winter. There is also judicious use of other colours that I won’t go into (spoilers) but thought they are great touches that really added to the overall presentation. It is just a beautiful book.

Danny McLaughlin lives up to his end of the deal with a compelling story. With it being a first issue, there is some world building involved (he literally builds the world in fact) but it is done a way that adds a lot of depth to the story and is done to help explain the various players’ back stories and motivations. You also get enough plot and plot resolutions to keep you satisfied but, if you’re like me, you’ll be annoyed when you get to the last page as you’ll be left wanting more. It does end how I like a first issue to end though, you have questions answered but there are more left to be answered. Love a cliffhanger.

I highly recommend this book. Beautifully drawn and beautifully written.