Press Release: Small Press Day 2016

Forbidden Planet Dublin is excited to officially announce our first ever SMALL PRESS DAY event

Taking place at Filmbase (2 Curved St, Dublin 2) in the heart of Dublin’s Temple Bar, FP Dublin are proud to host some of the best and most exciting self-published talent in Ireland and the UK by giving them a space to exhibit their work to the Public on a much larger scale than before.

The core aim of the day is to spotlight the possibilities of small press publishing via, in the first instance, store-based events and signings, and to bring its practitioners to the far wider audience they deserve. Forbidden Planet Dublin as well as many other Forbidden Planet International stores and other local retailers across the UK and Ireland will be taking place. In our case, we’ve opted for a much larger space to enable us to host as many people as possible on the day.

The best thing about this form is the sense of democracy; that idea that anyone can create meaningful comics and art that resonates and speaks to an audience.

Small Press Day is an opportunity then to embrace that grassroots ethos and the communicative power and accessibility of comics. It’s as much a celebration of a can-do philosophy as it is a form of delivery. So come join us and the likes of Paul Bolger (The Hound), Jason Browne (The Wren/ Thimble/ Artos), Ciaran Marcantonio & Cormac Hughes (Lightning Strike Comics), Kinga Korska (Brain Fetish), John Cullen (NHOJ Comics), Sarah Bowie (Lidless Comics), Rob Curley (Atomic Diner) and MANY more as well as our friends at The Irish Pubcast who will be running panelled discussions throughout the day on July 9th. Come discover for yourself just why so many small press aficionados consider this to be the Golden Age of self and micropublishing in the UK & Ireland!


Paul Bolger (The Hound), Jason Browne (Button Press Publications), Ciaran Marcantonio & Cormac Hughes (Lightning Strike Comics), Sarah Bowie (Lidless Comics/ The Comics Lab), Anthea West (Fate), Leeann Hamilton (Kiteenies/ Finn & Fish), Justie Byrne (Justie Comics), Amy & Oliver Murrell (Wobblyrock), Rob Curley (Atomic Diner Comics), Olly Cunningham (Black Lines), Clare Foley (La Grande Breteche), Coimicí Gael (Ruaille Buaille), Kinga Korska (Brain Fetish), Matt Melis (Non Gravity), Paddy Lynch (Last Bus) & Elida Maiques (Polen).

A massive special thanks to Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire’s RED CUBE STUDIO interns Eoin Marron and Rebecca Nalty for putting together the incredible original artwork used for our official poster.