Review: Fourteen Euros In Primark


Review by David Ferguson

Created by Sarah Bowie

There is something about Sarah Bowie’s work that reminds me of illustrator Quentin Blake. Perhaps it is her scratchy, less is more style of drawing. She has a mastery of the mundane as she makes every day life seem compelling. This story has that as Sarah depicts scenes from the narrator’s life as they talk us through pieces of the history of their relationship. What I find interesting about this story is how Sarah is able to evoke an emotional reaction without using facial expressions. The simple act of cutting up everyday scenes and matching them with the narration evokes the emotion. She creates a kind of empathy. I think by using everyday scenes, she manages to bring the reader in as they can see themselves in the situation. Strangely, for me, it is the words that give the emotional impact as the narrator gives us the ups and downs of her story. There is also the fact that the narration is not in sequential order. Maybe it’s a mixture but she grabbed me emotionally and I keep wondering how. I suppose that is what great art is about.

You can check out this and more of Sarah Bowie’s work on her website.